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Top 5 Sharks

1. Whale Shark
2. Cookie Cutter Shark
3. Great White Shark
4. Gulper Shark
5. Thrasher Shark
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No Land Shark?
I completely forgot about the landshark: the cleverest shark of all. Which means I could easily become one of its victims -- and not just because I'm a young, single woman.


Truly the landshark is the most deadly shark known to humanity.
1. Guitar Fish (technically a shark, I believe).
2. Hammerhead Shark.
3. Tiger Shark.
4. Great White Shark.
5. Mako Shark.

Sharks are sweet. Good list.
1. Whale Shark
2. Basking Shark
3. Carpet Shark
4. Japanese Nose Shark
and just to be whimsical...
5. Landshark!

We should start a FaceBook group or a club at MERR.
I was so close to switching thresher for tiger. SO CLOSE. Ultimately the massively cool tail won out.

Mako sharks are great, too. They make me think of pointy, rat-like great whites.
Thresher Sharks are awesome, don't get me wrong, but I think the (very true) story about a marine biologist finding a full suit of medievel armor in a Tiger Shark's stomach clinched it for me.
They truly are the goats of sharks.