Ramona (thelastbromide) wrote in topfive,

(new here not sure if this one has been done already)

top five favorite super powers

1. accelerated healing
2. super strength
3. flight
4. mind control/mind reading
5. shape shifting
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I'd have to go with Hiro's power on the show "Heroes". Not only can he travel time, but he can travel anywhere in the world also. He has control over the space/time continuum.
Agreed. When I saw the list title, Hiro was the first thing that came to mind.
1. Teleportation
2. Invisibility
3. Mind Reading/Persuasion
4. OmniVision
5. Super Strength
1. Astral projection
2. Eternal youth
3. Flight
4. Instant teleportation
5. Shape-shifting